A bunion is an actual bony deformity of the big toe joint and if left untreated will likely lead to painful arthritis. This condition is seen in patients of all ages and conservative and surgical options are available for treatment. In its early stages of development, pain may be subtle with certain activities or shoes, but as it progresses may lead to constant pain that can affect daily living, as well as prevent you from participating in certain activities or wearing certain shoes.

Reasons that a person may develop a bunion can vary; some patients may form bunions due to genetic factors, complications with arthritis, or abnormal foot structure or function. Our podiatrist can evaluate your bunion and offer various conservative and surgical treatment options if necessary. This condition is not a cosmetic problem and is covered by insurance, so we recommend that you visit one of our podiatrist for professional diagnosis and information regarding all your treatment options.

Here are some before and after surgical images!

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