Dr. Armstrong presented a case of patient over the age of 50 who had undergone a bunionectomy three decades prior. Patient presented in clinic with pain in the left foot great toe. The pain was presenting patient from walking, running or wearing certain types of shoes.


Traditional X-Ray imaging didn't provide an adequate look at the patient's foot due to superimposition of the sesamoids and metatarsals.


However, scrolling through the coronal plane of a weight bearing CT exam revealed a large osteophyte plantar of the first metatarsal head that was fused to the tibial sesamoid.

While traditional imaging didn't provide a clear diagnosis, a coronal view created from the 3D volume revealed a large osteophyte and other factors that were hidden by the superimposition of the sesamoids and metatarsals in the X-Ray exam.

The more complete diagnosis, Dr. Armstrong said, led to a much better surgery plan for the patient.

The pedCAT and 3D volume imaging allows for detailed looks on several layers, as doctors can essentially "peel off", as Dr. Armstrong puts it layers ranging from shoes worn during weight-bearing scans and soft tissue, etc.

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